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What we do:

J.C. Hauling & Delivery Co. was established when local garbage policies changed and unwanted items were more difficult to dispose of (We couldn't get rid of an old couch). We will haul construction debris, yard waste, old furniture, and just about anything. We also do our best to recycle as many items as possible to keep landfills at a minimum. We are a Green Company, We do not just have green dumpsters! We love our Planet and love our neighborhood! We do everything in our power to keep our planet, the one we all share, in as good as shape as possible!  I Want My Daughter to Grow Up In a World That Is Beautiful!  For the do-it-yourselfers we offer residential dumpster rentals in three different sizes.  If you are cleaning out your garage or are trying to get your yard looking great for summer, we are the company for you!!! Call us for a free quote (412) 860-1704. Tell us when and where and we'll be there!!

Give J.C. Hauling & Delivery Co. a call, we can give you a base price over the phone and are always happy to take a look at the debris and give an actual removal price on the premesis.


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